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Custom Nomenclature Sign-Up
Sign-Up to Create Your Own Custom Nomenclature
Important - Read Before You Register!

New users, please visit the introductory page to learn more about this feature.

The Custom Nomenclature Application is intended for publications or individuals with an educated view of alternate cactus taxonomy. This does not automatically exclude the hobbyist from using the feature, but I do ask that those who do not have a serious taxonomic system of their own, please do not register. If you qualify, please do not be discouraged by this note! All new users are approved manually. If you have any questions or are unsure if you qualify, please e-mail me at I will gladly answer any questions you have!

-Daiv Freeman

This is NOT the login for the cacti forum!
The forum is located on this page.
Registration is Temporarily Unavailable
New User registration has been suspended indefinitely because too many people have registered that don't qualify per the above statement. If you have serious interest in this feature, please e-mail me:
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