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New -Search for either the Latin (Scientific) name or the common name of a plant using this name search.


Note: The Latin Name Search includes synonyms and names that are no longer used.
To view all Common Names as a List, visit the Common Name List
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Succulent Forum

The SucculentForum is a great place to share and learn with other plant enthusiasts. We've got a great group of members already and always welcome new members. Succulent knowledge is not a requirement here, it is a result! Click here to go to the cacti forum.

Cactus Forum

What is a Succulent?

What is a Succulent So what exactly is a "succulent" plant anyway? Visit the About Succulents page to learn more about these fascinating plants. Succulents are found all over the world and you might be surprised to find some are very familiar while others seem out of this world!

Updated Terminology Page new

Check out the all new Glossary of terms that is full of useful words and definitions that are related to succulents. Also find out "What's in a name" by visiting the Succulent Etymology pages. Learn how a succulent plant got it's name or what the name means. One page covers the different genera while the other handles the species names.

Habit Search

If you are not familiar with succulent names, "Search by Habit" groups each plant by it's shape!

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See all images on from a particular location or a particular photographer by using the Directory of Succulent Picture Locations

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ID your succulent plant by browsing the Nav-Bar on the left. This is organized by Family, Genus then species alphabetically.

More Great Info

Visit the Articles page for a more in-depth look at the succulent plant families! Learn growing tips, plant classification, and more! Along with the Places, Sources, and Growing Tips pages, the Articles page will help you explore succulents beyond this site. Tips on growing plants, succulent book reviews, links to other web-sites on succulent plants, and garden/nursery locations are some of the things you find here. Primary Objective:

The overall function of this site will be simply a cataloging of the different families of succulent plants other than the Cactaceae. The primary purpose is to include detailed photos as accurately as possible for the positive identification of a particular species.

Note: We try not to post a picture unless we are relatively positive that we've identified it correctly. This does not mean that this site is free from mistakes. If you see a mistake, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail and we will fix it.

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There are currently
  different species pictured on this site under 192 genera. An additional 476 subspecies, varieties, and forms are also listed under the species level.

Over 4070 images are available for use in identification. All may be enlarged to 600 pixels either height or width.

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