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Cactus and Succulent Forum
Entry Page to the Forum
Purpose of the Forum
This forum was sent live on 8-27-2004. This Cactus & Succulent Forum is intended to be an open community of any who are interested in learning more about cacti and succulents, whether novice or expert. While individuals are may be contacted directly, the collective knowledge gained through a forum such as this is a better way to utilize the power of the world wide web.

Who can use the Forum
Everyone is welcome to join the forum as long as they are polite and considerate of other members. The forum contains members from all over the world. The members range from beginner to advanced. Topics cover all sorts of cactus AND succulent related subjects such as: tips on growing, identification , ethnobotany, sharing pictures, and much more.

Note: In order to save screen space and make the forum cleaner the left nav-bar will not load on the forum page. To get back to the nav-bar, simply click on Home or any of the other pages at the top of the forum.

Forum Rules:Keep the content clean and always, always be polite. There are school groups that use this website for their school projects -keep that audience in mind. In other words -keep this forum rated "G".

Additionally certain subjects are off limits because they fuel fierce debates in this sort of environment. People are much more bold behind a computer and often dispose of the usual pleasantries. This is hasn't been the case with, but this rule is to ensure that it never is. Any Political/Religious discussion is prohibited. In other words, don't post why you think democracy is better than socialism or that capitalism is worse than communism, etc. Also no discussions about the existence of God or of Darwinian evolution. Don't post on why it is better to be Muslim or better to be Jewish or better to be Catholic, atheistic, pantheistic, etc, etc.

Lastly, please do not misunderstand these rules. They are not because I think the above topics are not worth discussing or studying. In fact, I feel quite the opposite and am strongly convinced of my own beliefs. However, I do not think that web forum -especially not a plant forum -is the place to discuss these emotionally charged topics. The anonymity of the environment makes it a bad idea. Not to mention, there are plenty of other forums for discussing these topics and when it comes to cacti, we are far from being short of things to discuss.

Thank you in advance for respecting these few simple rules. I hope that you find the information contained herein invaluable to your cacti growing experience and that you are enriched by the friendships made on this forum.

Any questions can be e-mailed to me at or be sent through the forum.

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