Succulent Terminology -Glossary, Etymology, Nomenclature

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Succulent-Related Terminology
Nomenclature, Glossary, & Etymology
This section of provides in-depth explainations of the different terminology that a person might encounter while investigating succulents or succulent plant-related information.

Nomenclature on
This page discusses some of the challenges of succulent nomenclature and explains how that is reflected here on Custom Nomenclature Application
Introduction and explanation of the exclusive Custom Nomenclature Application.

The glossary and etymology pages are shared with Glossary of Terms
Check out the Glossary to define a techical term that you may have encountered on the forum or on another web site.

Etymology of Cacti & Succulent Genera  |   Etymology of Cacti & Succulent Species
The Etymology pages contain fascinating facts about the origin of the scientific (latin) names of the different cactus and succulent plant genera and/or species.

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